Resentment the daily poison – creativity heals

tn_480_3c09892f9ba1b473e855d5053cc07187.JPGBeing married to an abuser is soul-destroying. No matter how hard you work you won’t get it right for long. Your every move is monitored or you are completely ignored. Whatever you do is misconstrued and the most innocent action or sentience can be pounced on. The typical feature of an abusive relationship is that meaningful conflict resolution is impossible.

                              THE RESULT OF THIS IS RESENTMENT

You are angry and hurt and bitter and it has nowhere to go. Any attempt to discuss it with the abuser is futile. Your efforts to be heard or understood will result in you being called “insane, paranoid, pre-menstrual, menopausal, stupid or a liar”.

One of the greatest challenges of living in an abusive relationship is managing your resentment so that you don’t become a bitter woman.


Being creative is one way to attend to your resentment. Please don’t say that you aren’t creative and so this is not an option for you. Cooking and baking is creativity. A beautiful bowl of flowers is creativity. Gardening, sketching, writing, moving the furniture around the room and making anything beautiful will reduce your resentment.

Women have proved to me over the years how unbelievably resourceful they are. Anna wrote her resentment away with beautiful letters she wrote to herself. They were called “Love letters to Self”. Another woman who happened to be an artist painted her resentment in an effort to get it out of herself and onto a canvas. My partner, my former client and dear friend Philippa cooked her way from survival into transformation. I have asked her to post photographs of her beautiful table settings and napkin holders. Whenever I see the napkin holders languishing elegantly on the table I smile quietly to myself.

They look like napkin holders but actually they were her life lines to sanity. Here is the proof of the resourcefulness of women in the face of resentment and hurt. Each gorgeous napkin holder is a symbol of the fight to survive and the deep desire to overcome resentment and pain with creativity. Beauty beats anger.

Emerald 1   tn_480_b57282513f53e2b0ba37cd01e1c7c76f.JPG    tn_480_d66342db56a9797e2b653c347104c494.jpg

tn_480_f8bd0e2d2c34f8383a47db9ac1dec6f1.JPG     tn_480_cc306c90efbff9c006e273285ca9691a.jpg    tn_480_c3f6e7b8b45aaf1988b2fed85862d342.JPG

tn_480_25648c22d1f1607becc9fdf4471659b7.JPG  tn_480_2c0ca8c38f12f0fff6df2b11477a7627.JPG  tn_480_833a8e511e057baf3ad7af41ffedd7ae.JPG           tn_480_555fab4ecb0641a1ce689f8a2cefb3bc.jpg      Shell jade      tn_480_13e54fff67df7cf9d54a28eb985c3865.jpg

Couture Tabletop Collection













Author, foodie, political junkie and currrently writing a series for children, giving bible stories a much needed makeover, free from religious dogma. Author of Hot Cuisine, a book written on men and food and co-wrote When Loving Him Hurts and The Affair.

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