Understanding why women stay

What a great response to that ignorant question “Why doesn’t she just leave?”

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My post today is my response to a blog post entitled Battered Women Syndrome and Why Women Stay in Abusive Relationships.

The worse case scenario is death, and those women at risk sense it when there’s no visible evidence of her danger to others. Other women fear the ongoing vindictive behaviors that will be relentless in trying to destroy her in other ways (finances, parenting, family, her workplace). Dependency is a huge issue when it’s happened over time, and removed avenues for the victim to re-establish independence. The victim typically has impaired health as her body was drained by processing the pain of her soul, and the breaking down of her spirit. The body doesn’t lie. Investment? Absolutely true. There is often no way to pretty the details, and there’s not a second chance for many.

Complicated and simple. Yes. Abuse is always about power and control, no matter which…

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