Philippa Sklaar

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We are so pleased you landed on our page. This is the exact place to be to heal and transform your life. Sue is a therapist with 30 years’ experience as a domestic abuse expert and I was once her client. It was during the darkest years of my life when I still thought I could change him. How many times have you said that to yourself?

We are here to help you unravel the complexities of abuse and help you understand that you need to look at yourselves – with compassion and tough love. We help you identify how you participate in the dance of abuse in ways that you don’t understand. You are not the problem but you are the solution. We’ll show you how.

With love,

Sue and Philippa


















I was married to not one abuser, not two, but three. I fled from South Africa and from an extremely violent and traumatic marriage to a very well-known Johannesburg personality and resolved to learn a lesson and be more careful next time. In America I met a man who, on the surface, was everything that my second husband was not. Until I owned her own contribution to the dance of abuse I was destined to repeat the pattern. My story exists as proof of this. I am driven to help abused women as I know all too well what it feels like to be misunderstood and ashamed of my inability to let go of a relationship that was killing me. “It’s like wanting to hug a shark – why on earth would anyone do that?” I understand because I have been there, emerged damaged and broken from there and then – heaven forbid – went back! I know what it feels like to yearn for the love of a man who pulled out your hair, spat in your face and tried to choke you. I know what it feels like to tell people you are back there and watch their faces and see them thinking, “then you deserve what you get!” By telling my story, I hope to lift the veil of shame off abuse and encourage women to do the same. Un-silencing the voice is where true healing begins.

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3 comments on “Philippa Sklaar
  1. Yes, it’s difficult to live in an abusive relationship, where you have little or no control. The book seems an interesting read.


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